Fees and Charges


The principles underpinning the CODA Fees & Charges policy are:

  1. People who are in receipt of government funding to purchase CODA services are expected to contribute towards the cost of their daily living needs in a comparable way to other members of the community.
  2. Fees should meet a reasonable level of the costs of services provided to people. Fees charged should not exceed the actual cost of service provision.
  3. The setting of fees should also enable people to retain adequate disposable income to support their participation in the community and pursuit of individual goals.
  4. The level of fee should reflect the income available to people, primarily Disability Support pensions, Commonwealth Rent Assistance (where available) and other allowances.
  5. Fees should be transparent and the services to be provided for the fees must be made clear. CODA will provide information to people outlining the basis of the fee, coverage of the fee and the process for fee increases.
  6. Fee collections should be administered efficiently and attempts should be made to minimise the cost of administration.
  7. The Complaints Policy must be made available to all service recipients and their family/advocates.
  8. CODA will not refuse services on the basis of inability to pay, however service recipients claiming incapacity to pay need to demonstrate this through the application of undue financial hardship provisions. CODA provides a process to consider these issues, and it must be communicated to residents, their families or advocates.
  9. People in possession of compensation will be charged the full cost of service provision to the extent that the financial settlement provides for their disability support.
  10. The provision of fees should support the achievement of a financially sustainable organisation.
  • To download the full pdf policy please click here