CODA Inc. will ensure that clients are informed of their right to access an advocate to speak on their behalf. Disability advocacy plays an important role in making sure that the rights and interests of people with a disability are respected and realised.
The organisation is proactive in representing the needs of clients and their families and carers in service planning and improved service delivery through participation in local and regional networks and partnerships and/or direct consultation. Advocacy organisations form part of our regional networks.


An advocate can be defined as someone who pleads for, intercedes, or speaks on behalf of individuals or groups.


An advocate can assist by:

  1. Ensuring the client’s rights are maintained
  2. Ensuring the client actively participates in decision-making processes where the outcomes affect their lives
  3. Resolving problems or complaints in relation to services.

Types of Advocacy:


Plays an important role in making sure that people with a disability get the skills they need for making sure that their rights and interests are respected and realised. For people with a disability self-advocacy is about:

  1. Speaking up for yourself
  2. Understanding your rights
  3. Making real choices
  4. Learning new skills

Group Advocacy

Assists members of a group, within a specific target population to further understand and access services. They may also work with groups to represent their special needs.

Systemic/Structural Advocacy

Is intended to influence change in policies and practises of government and service providers to bring about social change.

Individual Advocacy

Involves seeking a solution with and on behalf of people with special needs so that they can gain/obtain the most relevant and appropriate service to meet their needs. Advocacy activities may be internal or external to the agency and include the following:

  1. providing information
  2. advocating and negotiating on behalf of clients
  3. assisting clients to gain self-advocacy skills
  4. fostering client participation in service planning
  5. providing language support or communication needs
  6. developing links in service networks.

CODA Inc. will assist clients to access an advocate of their choice.



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