An inclusive community in which all people have the opportunity to fulfil their unique potential.


CODA Inc. is committed to providing our clients with a range of quality, community based support programs which are flexible, accessible, affordable and safe while promoting each persons’ Independence and value as a member of the community.


All organisations have a culture which is built on the shared values of its people.  These values guide us in all our decisions and are fundamental to compliance with CODA's code of conduct.

As an organisation, CODA demonstrates respect through:
Acknowledging and embracing the unique qualities of our participants, families and staff
Ensuring safe systems of work for all
Ensuring the active participation and engagement of all stakeholders in the development of the organisation

As an organisation, CODA demonstrates integrity through:
High standards of ethical behaviour, personal conduct and character at all times
A genuine commitment to the success of individuals
Dealing openly and promptly with any suspected wrongdoing
Fully and promptly disclosing conflicts of interest
Creating a framework of trust in all facets of the finances of the Organisation

As an organisation, CODA demonstrates honesty by:
Taking responsibility and keeping our promises
Being clear and transparent in our communications
Complete trustworthiness when handling money, property and information

As an organisation, CODA demonstrates independence by:
Effectively advocating for systemic improvement and reform
Promoting continuous development and lifelong learning for all
Understanding and championing our region and the needs of our community

As an organisation, CODA demonstrates empowerment by:
A commitment to social justice and making a positive difference to people’s lives
Placing people with a disability at the centre of our decision making and promoting active participation models
Proactively pursuing outcomes for people through innovation
Supporting self-determination and freedom of expression